Peachyph x Tradeschool MNL: Polymer Clay 101

Polymer Clay 101

Last August 30, I was fortunate enough to conduct a workshop at UP Town Center thru The Carousel Caravan and Trade school MNL. If I remember it correctly, this is the first time I conducted a workshop outside the four walls of my mini-studio (not counting demos).

It was an afternoon filled with so much fun- meeting very creative, wonderful people and being able to share with them my knowledge in working with polymer clay. Here are a few photos taken during the workshop.

Can you see them having so much fun?

Polymer Clay 101

Now seriously working..

Polymer Clay 101

And here’s a closer look at the pretty faces of my wonderful students that day..

Polymer Clay 101Polymer Clay 101

I had fun teaching this class, they were all incredibly creative and very much focused in learning that an hour and a half wasn’t enough.

Polymer Clay 101

Too bad we were not able to wrap up this class well as it rained hard when we were about to bake their projects. Since the venue was outdoor and it easy floods in the area, we had to remove the oven immediately from the power outlet, thus the lack in photos of their cute works that day too. sigh. I would have loved to show you how amazingly creative my UP Town Center students were. 

But I’m hoping to see them again in one of my upcoming workshops. I’m crossing my fingers that I may be able to clear my schedule and get back in shape (health wise) so I can start teaching again very soon. 

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