Project: Wedding

Apart from doing wife/mommy duties, office paper works + errands and attending to online orders, for the past couple of weeks, this has been how a typical day for me looks like…

handmade flowers…

Handmade Flowers

button flowers…

Secondary Bouquet


shiny beads…

Primary Bouquet

and sparkling brooches…

Bride Bouquet

Flowers, tons of beads and lots of brooch!!!

I’m working on my first ever major wedding project for my sister-in-law’s wedding this July. I’m saying major for the number of things that I need to do for the wedding. And I only got four more weeks left to finish everything. Really not much time left, so I’ll be focusing on this for a little while.

I’m sorry I haven’t been updating this blog as much. But I promise to catch up once I’m done with all the projects on my plate. After the wedding, I will show you all the things I did using the materials show in the pictures.

For now, do wish me luck, ok? 🙂



7 comments on “Project: Wedding

  1. ananda says:

    oh peachy these are gorgeous! i love paper flowers and beads!
    hope you share more of what you make for the wedding, and good luck!!! =)

  2. Wow! Nice work Peachy. You’re really creative. Good luck with the wedding! And congratulations… to you and your SIL. 🙂

  3. Bambi Garcia says:

    Hi, may I know what material you’ve used for the paper flower?



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