Project: A❤H Wedding

Hey there lovelies! Remember the Project Wedding post where I showed you the materials of what I was working on — why I’ve been on blogging hiatus for a couple of months? As promised, here are the photos of the projects that kept me really busy, lovingly handmade by yours truly for a very special couple close to my heart.


The Heirloom Cord

This one is made of crystals in the couple’s favorite color… Years from now, as this gets passed on to their generation — they will be reminded of the lovely, sun-shinny yellow personalities of the couple!

Heirloom Cord

The Bridesmaid Bouquet (4 pcs)

For her bridesmaids, I used buttons as the main material of the bouquet. I wanted her bridesmaids to hold on something unique, cute, at the same time colorful — exactly the way I see the couple’s characters!

Bridesmaid Bouquet

Brides Maid BouquetsThe Grooms Men Boutonniere (4 pcs)

Still using buttons as the main material to match the bridesmaids’ bouquet… I made the leaves using my favorite medium, clay!

Groomsmen Bouttoniere

Grooms Men & Kwepe BoutonnieresThe Main Sponsors (Kwepe) Boutonniere (10 pcs)

The rose is made of clay embellished with two kinds of feathers and of course pearls to match the Kwebu bouquet. The bride isn’t fond of flowers, however, I still injected a touch of it on to her wedding because flowers are special, exactly how special she is! 

Main Sponsor BouttoniereThe Main Sponsors (Kwebu) Bouquet (10 pcs)

This is the project where I have spent most of my time — stringing and wiring the pearls. I realized I wasn’t able to take a nice picture of this bouquet but they look more gorgeous in person, just like the ninangs! 

Main Sponsor BouquetInitially, I used royal blue ribbons to envelope the kwebu bouquets, but later on changed it to a different kind of yellow gold ribbon (as requested) for a lighter effect. Here’s how the first design looks like..(sorry for the photo, I used my phone cam then later on applied an IG filter).

10389699_1443465872596575_7423522447236262757_n_Fotor_ScaledThe Father’s Boutonniere (2 pcs)

I love how simple yet wonderful this boutonniere is… exactly how amazing both their fathers are!

Fathers Boutonniere

Father's Boutonnieres by 12M

The Mom’s Bouquet (2 pcs)

This one here is a smaller version of the bride’s bouquet — in pink! I love pink and I think both the mom’s, too! Perfect for their sweet personalities..

Mothers Bouquet

And now here’s what I made for the two most important people in the wedding — the couple!

The Groom’s Boutonniere

Simple yet elegant. The groom is one very simple guy… however, there’s more to him than what meets the eye! Just like this boutonniere, he is not just handsome — he is one sparkingly sweet guy, too!  

Groom Boutonniere

Groom Boutonniere

The Bride’s Bouquet 

Made of different kinds of brooches, pearls and beads. This bouquet perfectly describes the bride’s personality — bubbly, colorful and simply beautiful!  

Bride Bouquet8_scaled

Bride Bouquet

Bride BouquetAnd for the final touch, my personalised tag… 


My tags came in a bit late.. So I wasn’t able to take pictures of it attached to the bouquets, boutonnieres and cord. I was done with the photo shoot and had given everything to the couple when I got my tags in the mail. As soon as I got the tags, I just went to the bride’s place to attach them. Nevertheless, it looked perfect! And I would like to thank my online friend, Jaye of Jigs and Clays, for making something very beautiful and making sure I get it before the wedding albeit the very short notice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

When I started this project I was VERY nervous.. I honestly don’t know how to go about each piece! Plus the fact that most of the time the couple just consults me back every time I’d ask them to give me a particular design — made me all the more scared! But yes, when there is love — love for the people you are making it for, love for the things you do, you’ll be surprised with just how far and lovely things you can come up with!

I pictured to come up with something unique, colorful and playful for this very special wedding… When I saw these lovelies in action — all the fear and weary faded, and was immediately replaced with nothing but pure gladness and love.

Special thanks to the sweet couple and 12 Masters Photography for sharing some of the awesome photos (with 12M marks) they took of my works ! Thank you! Stay tuned to my next post – – I’ll be sharing with you shots of these lovelies in action! 🙂 


So what do you think? Not bad for a first time? Would you like the same for your wedding? Let me know in the comments… I’d love to hear what you think. 😉 



12 comments on “Project: A❤H Wedding

  1. jessica jaye says:

    love them peach! and i love your idea of putting tags on them! and yes i’m biased-yellow’s my fave so how can i not love them all? great job peach! more,more to come!

  2. Patricia says:

    Fabulous work Peachy! They’re all really lovely!

  3. janice says:

    Your work of art is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve never seen a bouquet as beautiful and unique as that. You’re such a talented artist. Keep it up girl!
    btw, it’s nice meeting you earlier at the mastermind session. 🙂

  4. OMG! These are so nice Peachy!! You’re really one crafty lady.

  5. Ghen Beso says:

    Very nice. I can see some of my clients liking (loving, even) your work.
    Will definitely refer them to you. =)

  6. Yvette says:

    You are super talented Peachy! Love your work!


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