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Hallmark x A Sweet Cottage Christmast Gift Wrapping Buffet

A day to go before Christmas… have you wrapped your gifts yet? Believe it or not with just a day left I haven’t done ours and I’m quite panicky! But thanks to my friend, Maricel of A Sweet Cottage who invited me to Hallmark’s Mix and Match launch last October 28, I discovered a quick, easy yet fun and super creative way of wrapping presents even if one is in a rush! A truly life saver for a mom like me who couldn’t get...
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Keep Calm and Give Thanks

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good! His love endures forever. |1 Chronicles 16:34|  2015 is about to end in 7 weeks! Wow, how time flies, no? Have you taken the time to look back on how your year went? How about the things, people, or events you’re grateful for? Honestly, I haven’t because somehow it scared me, until I attended Pursuit Manila’s year-ender gathering…  Earlier, I woke up and left our home at 9am to attend the said gathering. Grabe ang bilis ng panahon!...
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Memory Crafters x Peachyph Basic Polymer Clay Workshop

This is an over due post however I wanted to share with you the September 19, 2015 workshop that I did together with Memory Crafters in Marikina to five talented ladies + a little girl. Let me start with the venue. This workshop happened to be my first in Marikina and I’d say that Rikka of Memory Crafters did an awesome job in choosing Bronze’s Samgyupsal. The venue didn’t disappoint. Not only was the owner friendly and accommodating (which to me is very important!), they also served scrumptious...
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I’m back… with a workshop!

It’s been several months since my last update — almost three months of absence to be exact. 😯 I missed blogging! We lost our mom a few months back and things have been really tough for me since then. Not only is she my person and my best friend… death was the only thing I feared to have to face in life. And I couldn’t even describe how painful and hard it was to lose a mom while having to face your greatest fear and being asked to make...
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DIY: Chocolate Flower Bouquet

Have you seen a chocolate flower bouquet? I’ve noticed the rise in popularity of these types of bouquet especially during Valentines, Mother’s / Father’s Day, etc. sold either online or at your favorite flower boutiques. I think it’s one clever idea! Not only does it look good, it’s also a two-in-one present — flower + chocolates, some even comes with small cute stuffed toys. ? While I love how creative and special it looks, the price takes me aback from purchasing. I checked out the smallest and simplest chocolate bouquet...
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How 5 Very Simple Ways Can Make Dad Feel Special on Father’s Day

It’s almost Father’s Day!   This month’s Friday Five is dedicated to all the hardworking, loving and supportive man in our lives. The first man we get to know in our lives, who have served as good role models and helped us become who we are today — confident and strong human beings that we are.. our father.  Apart from the usual gift giving and dining out, how else can we make Father’s day extra special? I’ve listed below 5 sure fire ways...
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2015 Polymer Clay Challenge: Week 6-9

Below are the projects I made for the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge: Weeks 6-9. These projects have been with me for a long while now. I was just not able to finish assembling them because something unexpected happened. Mom got sick and a month later we lost her… It was a very painful moment for me and the whole family but we know that we must accept for her time has come to be reunited back with the Lord, where she...
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