Memory Crafters x Peachyph Basic Polymer Clay Workshop

Peachyph Workshop in MarikinaThis is an over due post however I wanted to share with you the September 19, 2015 workshop that I did together with Memory Crafters in Marikina to five talented ladies + a little girl.

Let me start with the venue.

This workshop happened to be my first in Marikina and I’d say that Rikka of Memory Crafters did an awesome job in choosing Bronze’s Samgyupsal. The venue didn’t disappoint. Not only was the owner friendly and accommodating (which to me is very important!), they also served scrumptious food, great tasting coffee, and treated us with a yummy dessert! And the space was just perfect for the workshop!

Bronze's Samgyupsal
? Rikka Redrico
Bronze's Samgyupsal
Interesting light fixture at Bronze’s Samgyupsal
Bronze's Samgyupsal shabu-shabu
? Rikka Redrico

Bronze’s Samgyupsal’s famous shabu-shabu for only P195.00. Sulit! 

Bronze's Samgyupsal foodBronze's Samgyupsal foodBronze's Samgyupsal Coffee

This coffee… Caffein is something my heart couldn’t tolerate but I had to take a little of this coffee available at Bronze’s Samgyupsal. It’s really yummy! Some of my students that day were able to finish a glass pitcher of this and ordered a couple more bottles to bring home with them. Yes, it’s that good! 

And now the exciting part — the workshop.

Peachyph Workshop in Marikina

The pretty and creative attendees that day… 

Peachyph Workshop in MarikinaPeachyph Workshop in MarikinaPeachyph Workshop in Marikina

Who got their hands busy learning and working with clays…

Peachyph Workshop in MarikinaPeachyph Workshop in MarikinaPeachyph Workshop in Marikina

All of them were first timers in using polymer clay but look at their works after the workshop…

Peachyph Workshop in MarikinaPeachyph Workshop in Marikina

Pardon the photo. Since this was taken around 8pm there was not enough light and I wasn’t able to use my flash in fear of totally messing up the shot. Nonetheless, their works were a lot more beautiful in person!

The thing about joining a workshop is you not only learn about your chosen craft, but you also win friends who shares the same interest and passion as yours. I had so much fun teaching this group. They were all super creative, attentive and lots of fun to be with. We all enjoyed that we had to extend the workshop for more than an hour, haha! (hence the ugly lighting shot of their projects ?) 

And to cap off the day, the owner treated us to a yummy ensaymada! Nomnom! 

Peachyph Workshop in Marikina

To my lovely students, thank you very very much for choosing to have your basic polymer clay workshop with me, for the trust and most of all for the newly developed friendship. I look forward to see more of your works and to feature you here in my blog soon. More power and have fun creating! 

Peachyph Workshop in Marikina


Bronze’s Shabu-Shabu Samgyupsal 

?#22 Bronze Street, Marikina City
☎️ 02.7996379
 Open daily from 10:30am – 10:30pm

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