How 5 Very Simple Ways Can Make Dad Feel Special on Father’s Day

Father's day

It’s almost Father’s Day!  

This month’s Friday Five is dedicated to all the hardworking, loving and supportive man in our lives. The first man we get to know in our lives, who have served as good role models and helped us become who we are today — confident and strong human beings that we are.. our father

Apart from the usual gift giving and dining out, how else can we make Father’s day extra special? I’ve listed below 5 sure fire ways to help us achieve just that. 

1. Do away with pressure.

Most of dad’s time is pressed with pressure — whether they be at work, at home, or even outside driving. Being able to spend time free from deadlines, hassles, chores, rushing, or having to fix or arrange anything is something he would surely appreciate. Allow him to enjoy, relax, so he could…

2. Concentrate on him. 

Instead of laying out plans for him on this day, give him the gift of freedom to choose what he wants to do and how he wants to spend the day. If he is a sport’s fan, go with him to watch his favorite team play. If online gaming is his passion, spend the day beside him learning his craft and play with him. And if he wants a few hours to himself, indulge him. He deserves it!

3. Spend time together. 

Celebrate this day as a family. A pretty simple and relatively easy thing to do, but can also be a challenging one. Nowadays it is easy to be sidetracked from really being together because of the things we have to do — the cooking, preparing, down to us attending to notifications we see from our gadgets. Sadly, it is too quick to be physically there but mentally absent. Celebrate out of the house if you must, but spend this day together as a family. Silent your mobile phones or leave them at home (just don’t let it distract you in any way). Go to the park, have picnic together, lie on the grass, share stories and dreams, laugh and have fun together. Being all there in the present celebrating our father would truly make this day a memorable one, something our dads will truly remember.

4. Build romance. 

Father’s day is not just a day to celebrate dad as caregiver to his children and provider to his family. It is also a day in which we can honor our spouses as our partner and friend. Make him feel special — whisper to him how much he means to you, dress up for him, offer him a massage. Give him a sexy surprise in the morning/evening or steal a few moments during the day to show him just how much you love him. And lastly, remember to…

5. Shower him with praise.

Everybody wants to feel appreciated, and so is our father. With all the hard work he puts into making sure the family not only has a comfortable way of living but also a brighter future, he deserves to not only feel but to also hear just how much we value him in our lives. Write him a thank you letter telling him all the ways he is able to contribute to the family, how he is able to give moral and emotional support, enumerate the number of ways that makes him a great parent and husband. If you don’t have the knack of writing, make him a video talking about how much you love him or a collage photo to honor him. 

You can just pick several from the list, but it would be lovely if we could do all five!

Letting our father/spouse know just how much we value and appreciate him doesn’t entail us having to spend huge amount of money on expensive gifts. I believe that sincere gratitude and unconditional love are the greatest gifts we can shower our dad/spouse on Father’s day, and all other days.

Happy Father’s Day! 


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