Etsy Craft Party 2014

Etsy Craft Party 2014Etsy a place where one can buy and sell all things handmade

I’ve had my Etsy account in like forever yet I never really used it to open up a shop. I remember using it several times to buy Blogger templates for my previous site but nothing more than that. I guess it’s the feeling that for some reason, I wasn’t ready for it.

Until the Etsy Craft Party at the Collective through CraftMNL last June 06…

I used to see pictures and read about bloggers sharing their experiences of Etsy Craft Party in the US. I always wonder how fun this event could be — I’d love to join one (never really thought we already celebrate this event here, too!) that’s why when I first heard about it through CraftMNL, without second thoughts I immediately signed up to join the event!  


Here’s the line up of the activities that happened that day:

  • Basic Embroidery Class with DMC Philippines
  • Embroidering and Assembling custom-photoprint throw pillows

Jane of DMCThat’s Jane of DMC Philippines teaching us basic embroidery. 

Etsy Craft Party 2014

Mariel of CraftMNL_scaled

Woot! There’s Marielle of CraftMNL taking our picture! 🙂

  • Basic Sewing Machine Operations & Maintenance 

Etsy Craft Party 2014

Here’s Fritz demonstrating Brother and Janome sewing machines. I love both sewing machines. However, I think I would benefit more on the ENovice 50 Brother sewing machine than that of Janome embroidery machine. But that Janome embroidery machine is a total kick-ass machine, perfect for those who have embroidery business.

La Pomme & Junk Studio

 Listening to these girls talk about Etsy and their experiences is really enlightening! Really learned a lot from them — such wonderful women. 

Etsy Talk

  • Sculpting keychains and pendants with Buhawi Studios

I signed up for the sculpting workshop, sadly I wasn’t able to attend because I lost track of the time! I had so much fun at the embroidery and sewing machine workshop; and learned a lot at the Etsy Talk that the next thing I know it was almost 7pm! But I’m glad cos I finally met Evan Aguilling of Sculpeyman Trading in person. I’ve known him online for quite some time but haven’t seen him in person. If not for this event, it would’ve taken us another year or so to meet, haha. Apparently, he also owns Buhawi Studios which is a frequent of CraftMNL. 

  • Craft Exchange

I wasn’t able to take pictures yet of the loot I received but I will update this post to include it. Meanwhile, here’s what C and I gave away to our partners in the exchange…

Etsy Craft Party Peachyph Loot

I had so much fun — learning new things, sharing knowledge and meeting friends who shares the same passion. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next Etsy Craft Party in 2015!

Etsy Craft Party 2014

Thank you CraftMNL for such a happy experience! 🙂



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