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5 Fun and Fabulous Mother’s Day Gifts to DIY

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? If you’re still wondering what to give your mom this Mother’s day fret not because today I’ll be sharing with you five fabulous and fun projects that you can do yourself. Now what can be more special and meaningful than that, right? I bet your mom will feel so special because these gifts are made by no one else but you!  1. Wooden Heart Necklace by Lauren by Design – if you’re into wood crafts, this is an easy project that...
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3 Easy Steps to Clean Your Clay Machine (and My Choice of Cleaner)

That in there is a clay / pasta machine.  It’s one of my favorite and most used machine in my mini studio. If you have been claying for a while, I’m pretty sure you know how important it is to have this machine in your work space. Not only does this machine help condition the clays, it is also used to flatten clays into thin sheets with equal thickness. Having a spine problem that seriously affects my hands + my CTS, I don’t...
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2015 Polymer Clay Challenge: Week 1-5

I’m glad that despite the crazy schedule in January I was able to keep up with the weekly challenge…         The great thing about doing a wrap up of the monthly projects is you get to see how you develop in terms of your craft, at the same time realize that — I should work on a monthly theme, don’t you think? 🙂 ...
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DIY: Snowman Ornament

I know you might be wondering, “we’re already in the New Year, why a snowman ornament?“. Well, this is a tutorial I wrote for Memory Crafters last December. And I’m linking it up on the blog to share with you all, my lovely readers! Come to think of it, it’s really never too late nor too early to learn to make your own snowman ornament for your home’s Christmas tree, right? You can make it as early as now so you’ll...
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What I Challenge Myself in 2015

One of the things I think I will never outgrow is my love of creating things with clay as my medium. Sadly, I haven’t been creating for a while and had sort of misplaced the mojo because of all the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, this year I want to spend more time claying and be able to maximize all the pc books I have accumulated over the years to develop my skills more. And I don’t want to do that just by accepting...
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DIY: Make a Lovely Gift Bag & Repurposed Box

For my first Make it! Monday post, I will be sharing with you how to make a lovely gift bag and repurpose a box using wrapping papers. (Make it! Monday is a post where I will be writing about simple yet wonderful tutorials to be posted every other Mondays of the month). This is actually the last part of my first series — the Wrapping Paper Projects. Pretty long overdue, eh? Sadly, yes. I don’t really understand why and what took me...
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Peachy Five: Things On My Mind

Sometimes I find it hard to get inspired… But sometimes I get inspired by completely random things at completely random times. That’s why I thought it would be fun to start a monthly series called The Peachy Five. It will be a simple post consisting of five random things every first Friday of the month. I’ll be sharing with you five random things that is currently on my mind– what inspires me, what I’m loving, or what I find pretty interesting and so...
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