Peachy Picks: 5 Gift Ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day 2016

Hey, peaches! I can hardly believe that it’s already the month of May — the MOM month! The very time of the year where we get to celebrate the most special woman in our lives. Are you ready? 

With just several days away from Mother’s day, if you haven’t decided what to give your mom, here are my top five Peachy picks for Mother’s Day 2016. 

Mother's Day 2016: Mom Charm

  • Mom charm by Ace of Clay. This one can be turned into a key holder charm, bag charm, or even pendant. Make one in however your mom likes — for example if she has too many bags then you can turn this into a bag charm that she can attach on her bag. What a cute bag charm! 

Mother's Day 2016: Mom Pendant

  • Pendant by Georgia P Designs. If your mom loves anything floral and flowers, these pendants are perfect! 

Mother's Day 2016: Mom Jewelry Dish

  • Jewelry dish by Gaby Burger. These jewelry dishes are just plain lovely! don’t you agree? Plus, they are easy to make too!

Mother's Day 2016: Mom Locket

  • Locket by Busybeeschikadeez. I love the idea of these short but very sweet note placed inside the locket. Of course the outside can be decorated too. Remember the previous post where I showed you some of the lockets I made for #CourageousCaitie? You can do something like that. Your imagination is your limit!  😉 

Mother's Day 2016: Mom Garden Markers

  • Ombre Herb Garden Markers by Heather Powers. Or if your mom loves gardening, or even just small plants placed in pots, these garden / plant markers are a perfect gift for her. It will definitely spruce up her plants.  

The five projects are not just lovely and perfect gifts to be given to mom, they are all so easy to make yourself, too! All you need are a few blocks of clay in several colors + creativity + lots of love and viola! you have the perfect gift which your mom will surely treasure. And since you have made it yourself, it’s unique, personalized and simply priceless

Good luck in creating your one-of-a-kind presents for your mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there. To my mom in heaven and to my other mom — the best mom-in-law in the world, and my sister-in-law, i love you!❤️


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