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Pursuit Manila: Because He First Loved Us

Doesn’t it make you happy to know that God first loved us?  I’ve always loved being a Christian. Ever since I was young I’ve actively enjoyed attending service, Bible study groups at home, singing and praising God. There’s something about learning, sharing and hearing God’s messages through worships that makes my heart soar! It brings me so much life no matter how sad, heavy and scary sometimes life can be. However, things began to change when we had to move homes and...
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2015 Polymer Clay Challenge: Week 1-5

I’m glad that despite the crazy schedule in January I was able to keep up with the weekly challenge…         The great thing about doing a wrap up of the monthly projects is you get to see how you develop in terms of your craft, at the same time realize that — I should work on a monthly theme, don’t you think? 🙂 ...
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5 Fun Activities to Do with Your Kids this Summer

It’s almost Summer! Are you ready and just as excited as I am about it? I sure hope so cos I am, I am!  School year 2014-2015 has been quite challenging and somewhat stressful to our little lady.. this is why even before the school year has ended I’ve already map out several activities that we can do and places to go to which I think will not only offer a different kind of learning experience but also FUN activities not just for our little lady but for our little...
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