2015 Polymer Clay Challenge: Week 6-9

Below are the projects I made for the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge: Weeks 6-9.

These projects have been with me for a long while now. I was just not able to finish assembling them because something unexpected happened. Mom got sick and a month later we lost her… It was a very painful moment for me and the whole family but we know that we must accept for her time has come to be reunited back with the Lord, where she truly belongs. I guess I just needed some time to cope with the loss. It is still painful, but with God, we are able to manage. 

But somehow I try to get back now.. and I’m excited to show you what I made for weeks 6-9 of the challenge. 

Applique Clay Locket
Week 6: Applique Clay Bliss Locket
Clay Leaf Earring
Week 7: Clay Leaf Earring
Red Velvet Clay Cupcake Necklace
Week 8: Red Velvet Clay Cupcake Necklace
Little Girl Clay Necklace
Week 9: Little Girl Clay Necklace

I enjoyed working on these four projects.

Like them? I’d say the Red Velvet cupcake necklace charm is still my favorite. And as for what I need to work on, that would be the applique technique and making a little doll charm. I used to get that little doll making but when you don’t do it often, sometimes you get a little blunt, haha.

But as the saying goes, Practice makes Perfect. So you’ll probably be seeing more of me making the applique and little dolls for my next projects. 

Keep visiting the blog to see what I’ll be making in the coming weeks and just how much I’ve progress, will you? 

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  1. Patricia says:

    The cupcake one is so cute! You have magic hands, Peachy!


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