2015 Polymer Clay Challenge: Week 1-5

I’m glad that despite the crazy schedule in January I was able to keep up with the weekly challenge…

#2015PCChallenge: Week 1
Week 1: Julie Pendant


#2015PCChallenge: Week 2
Week 2: Baby Hanaa in Blanket


#2015PCChallenge: Week 3
Week 3: Elephant Note Holder for Jayden Nicholo


#2015PCChallenge: Week 4
Week 4: Black Ribbon for the SAF 44


#2015PCChallenge: Week 5
Week 5: Circus Elephant

The great thing about doing a wrap up of the monthly projects is you get to see how you develop in terms of your craft, at the same time realize that — I should work on a monthly theme, don’t you think? 🙂 

2 comments on “2015 Polymer Clay Challenge: Week 1-5

  1. Kei Aclaro says:

    Super cute naman, Ate Peach… Love everything especially the very cute note holder for the little boy… 🙂


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