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My 15 before 2015

What’s 15 before 2015, you ask? I know a lot of people who make a list of things they want to do or accomplish before they reach a certain age, or list of what they would like to happen in the coming year, some even things they want to accomplish before they die. I never had one. Not that I don’t believe in it– or have nothing in mind that I wanted to do, I just never felt the need to...
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Peachyph x Tradeschool MNL: Polymer Clay 101

Last August 30, I was fortunate enough to conduct a workshop at UP Town Center thru The Carousel Caravan and Trade school MNL. If I remember it correctly, this is the first time I conducted a workshop outside the four walls of my mini-studio (not counting demos). It was an afternoon filled with so much fun- meeting very creative, wonderful people and being able to share with them my knowledge in working with polymer clay. Here are a few photos taken during the workshop. Can...
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Low Stress Ways to Move and Declutter Your Home

Do you enjoy moving homes? Yes? No? Maybe? Personally, I don’t. I dread the day when we would have to move homes when I was little because even if I feel excited about moving to a new home, the very thought of it is daunting. What with all the packing, moving, unpacking and putting things in place — my mom suddenly morphs into a hot-tempered godzilla, haha! Yes, not a good sight to see. Not only is moving homes tiring, it can also be...
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